Just Get Started

Sometimes the hardest part is just starting…. Those were my thoughts recently when considering to go to my Zumba class. I knew that once I was there I would love it and feel great, but it was a struggle to get out the door. Getting started applies to everything really, but I shout it out to my art students and art enthusiast today! 


The most import thing for a painter to do is keep painting! (really deep I know) But its true. Do you have goals, dreams of success, hopes of showing in a gallery or getting into a juried show? Get started and KEEP painting. Its so easy to let days slip by with out picking up a brush or putting any marks on the canvas. Its easy to let folks pull you into other activities, but maybe its not what you need to be doing. So what is it that is keeping you from the easel. Why aren't you starting?

2012-08-22 18.25.48.jpg

Is its the pressure of success that keeps you waiting? Maybe its not knowing how to start, or not having the right supplies, or or or…. I encourage all of you to stop and figure out just what's keeping you from getting started, then make the changes.

Maybe the first step is to just go sit in front of your easel and make a plan. Maybe its to sign up for that art class you've been thinking about or go out and buy that color of paint that ran out. 


Whatever is holding you back - figure out the road block - and move it.