Jan. 9 - #2hrchallenge

What goes into creating a painting? Brushes, canvas, and paint are definitely a necessity, but how do artists even get to a point where they feel ready to pick up their materials and create? Inspiration and creativity are fostered and developed in each artists life in many different ways.  Events, places, politics, and people around them might spur their work. Other times its the process of picking up their medium, making marks, and seeing what emerges. I think for most its a process of trying, searching, learning and growing and then figuring out how to communicate that visually. For me ideas for artwork are always bombarding my mind usually in relationship to life experiences. It's for this reason that I need to have a notebook or sketch pad handy to record the ideas.

Recently I started to paint little studies exploring the relationship between animals and people. I've always loved animals. Having two dogs of my own, I love to watch and evaluate their behaviors. They are like people in so many ways. Loyalty in pets is something I've been intrigued by. My pup Asher, has become more loyal since I've become pregnant. Subtle shifts in her behavior show me that she knows theirs a little one growing in me. She makes sure she's always by my side to check in on me. It seems like animals are capable on some levels to connect quicker and deeper than some human relationships. I've started to use these small studies to develop some of these ideas.

Since starting the 2hr challenge I've allowed my self to jump in and play a little. I'm not worried about the outcome as much as I am worried about spending time mixing, evaluating, observing, and feeling. However that doesn't mean I don't need time to think, plan, and ponder. For today's challenge I spent time in the development phase. I planned, read some art literature, looked through photo references and did some color planning.