Long Overdue Update

Life as a full time mom and artist keeps me busy! I am also a military spouse and that has given my family some big adventures the last few years. If you stay up on my Facebook and Instagram page @VanCannonArt then you probably know that we moved from Sacramento, California to District of Columbia Fall 2016. Then October 2017 we moved to Anchorage, Alaska! Moving is hard and exhausting, but its also fun to explore new places, meet new people, and learn new things. It’s also given me a lot of material and inspiration for my art.

DC was a fast and exciting year. I explored tons of museums, monuments, historical sites and galleries. I enjoyed city living and all the family friendly things that DC had to offer. We visited Philadelphia and explored the historical Revolutionary sites. We also enjoyed the Philadelphia Museum. I made it up to NYC for my first visit to the Big City. It was incredible. I loved all the sites, museums, architecture, (MET!) parks, foods, sounds, and people watching. Being on the East Coast also put us closer to family and friends. It was fun to get to enjoy seeing my large family a bit more frequently.

And now there is Alaska… I’ve been here a few months and can honestly say I love it! I have a deep passion for nature and the outdoors and this place is All About The Outdoors. I’ve never lived somewhere so vast and dramatic. We have mountain views all around us - trees, pines, wildlife… I was concerned about the dark long winters. I was afraid I would go crazy and get really sad. I have my days like anyone else, but we’ve done a good job about getting outside and exploring. We bundle up and go on incredible hikes. I’ve seen a frozen waterfall, a few mountain vista hikes, candle light Christmas night hike, snowboarding, coastal drives, and a hike to a glacier. Yes its cold, but all the fun activity is fuel for the soul.

Momming and Arting - I decided to stay home with my kiddo during these younger years and I am determined to continue creating art. This has been one of the most difficult balance acts I’ve ever experienced. I’ve learned so much about myself and what’s really important. Knowing my time is limited I learned to prioritize. I’m more focussed and a bit more selfish about my art time. I also watch a lot less TV. lol!


I’ve been working on a few different things over the last few years. I started a Succulent and Cactus series back when I lived in CA right after Harvey was born. I’ve been working on this body of work for 2 years! I’ve been exploring color and texture within this series and have created something that is very different from my past work. It’s thick paint with bold colors - Lots of texture and impasto. I am just wrapping up this series and will be launching it soon! So stay on the look out.

I’ve also been creating a new body of digital paintings on my iPad. The process has been very similar to painting except a lot less messy. I use an Apple Pencil to pick colors, brushes, and paint the piece. The undo button has come in quite handy. (haha) I’ve been exploring the Alaskan Landscape and creating some Spring Bloom flowers too. I’ll be adding these pieces to the gallery wall and they are also available on my Etsy Shop for Download. The download feature is something new I’m exploring. I’m excited to give my clients the opportunity to print on the materials and in the sizes that makes sense for them. When you purchase the download you receive multiple high resolution images in different formats. You can then print them through your favorite print location (Snapfish, Costco, Walmart etc.) in what ever size or material you want. A few Etsy shops even print on unique items, like garden flags, door mats, and throw pillows. They can be printed multiple times, but is only to be used for personal use. No commercial or reselling.

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