Jan. 23 & 24 - 2 hour challenge

I missed a few days due to some family stuff, but am back on track. Yesterday and today I had a lot of fun spending time in the studio. I started working back into one of my vineyard wine barrel pieces. For this landscape I am using a couple different photo references for the sky and vines, but changing the colors completely. For me having the reference is great for getting the composition and idea down, but why not change up the palette and create more harmony.

I still have a ways to go, but it was a good start - lots of juicy layers of oil.

More progress today. I'll continue to work on this piece the rest of the week along with some Woodland / Forest illustrations.

My art background is full of drawing and design, but it's been a few years since I've focused on my drawings. I started teaching drawing and illustration classes at the Crocker Museum this year and had a bit of a renewed appreciation for it. Teaching these classes on top of planning my babies nursery has got me on a illustration kick. I've been creating Woodland/ Forest Friend drawings and can't seem to stop. I don't know where these will go or for how long I'll create them, but I like that I'm tapping into a different process and creative path than my norm.

Jan 11 - #2hrchallenge

I posted on Facebook yesterday, but thought I should add a photo here too. I was working on baby room art. It was so fun to do a mixed media piece - so different from my usual oil on canvas.

And into the forest I go - to lose my mind and find my soul

And into the forest I go - to lose my mind and find my soul

I spent a lot of time looking at quotes about the great outdoors and nature. I wanted to have a quote for the room that would mean something to my family and fit my woodland / nature theme. I settled on this one because it speaks to me. My whole life I've found reasons to be outdoors and places in nature to escape to. As an artist, I can get lost for hours looking upon the beauty of nature. I often connect more easily to God while surrounded by His creation.

Jan 12 - #2hrchallenge - Baby Room Art

Jan 12 - I've been having fun getting the baby room ready for Baby VC. It's finally coming together, and just in time, today I reached 37 weeks! My theme - woodland/nature gives me a lot of freedom in the creation of original art. If you saw my Jan. 11 post on Facebook then you saw my collage piece. Today I was working on a little watercolor illustration. I used pen and ink and watercolor.

I started by working through some ideas in my sketchbook. I wanted to work through a few ideas before settling on a final outline.

After finalizing my ideas in my sketchbook, I started with a very light graphite outline before using the ink. I also looked at a few different letter types before settling with cursive.

Time to add color... I used thin layers of watercolor over the ink drawing. It's important to be careful with the watercolor. It can be easy to over due it.

I love the photos I've seen of gallery walls. It's a great way to add a variety of art, color, and textures to a wall. I still have a few things to add to my gallery wall, but you can get a glimpse of my vision. It's so fun to personalize the room! My dad built the wooden shelves using barn wood from our family farm in IA. I also have an oil painting I did of a fox on a cigar box. When I was planning the wall I tried to pick pieces that had different depths and shapes. I am still on the search for a few perfect items to add to the top shelf. I also plan on adding a letter to the wall once we pick our sons name.