Jan 16-19 #2hrchallenge

I've still been keeping up with the challenge. You can see my daily posts on my Facebook Page: VanCannonArt.

Over the past few days I've been working on turning one of my sketches into a painting. I've been using Canvas Paper, Pen and Ink, and Acrylic paint. It's been a fun process and you can see my progression and changes in the following photos.

I started with the whimsy color palette and then did another with more of the traditional forest greens, tans, and blues. I like doing multiple drafts since the colors totally change the overall feel of the piece. I think they both work - just depends on your taste. Both are almost complete - they still need a few tweaks here and there. 

Jan 13, 14 & 15 - #2hrchallenge

Sorry for the combined post. It's been a struggle this weekend to stay on top of my challenge. Mostly because I haven't felt well. I still did find time each day to work - Although it was mostly research and sketchbook studies. Those I could do from the couch and bed. :) Today I am back in the studio and enjoying more Baby Room Art. These pieces aren't necesarily for my baby room, but I've enjoyed creating the illustrations so much that I am giving myself the freedom to explore.

As a full time artist/painter its a bit of a risk. I've always been encouraged by my teachers and mentors to buckle down and focus on one subject and style. It's important for people to recognize your style and get familiarized with it - especially if you rely on sales of art for your living. This has been an area that is hard for me. I get so intrigued and interested by many subjects. I want to keep exploring and trying new things. So this month with the challenge I am allowing myself to go where I feel (creativity wise) and try whatever I fancy that day.

Jan 13

Jan 14

Jan 15

Jan 11 - #2hrchallenge

I posted on Facebook yesterday, but thought I should add a photo here too. I was working on baby room art. It was so fun to do a mixed media piece - so different from my usual oil on canvas.

And into the forest I go - to lose my mind and find my soul

And into the forest I go - to lose my mind and find my soul

I spent a lot of time looking at quotes about the great outdoors and nature. I wanted to have a quote for the room that would mean something to my family and fit my woodland / nature theme. I settled on this one because it speaks to me. My whole life I've found reasons to be outdoors and places in nature to escape to. As an artist, I can get lost for hours looking upon the beauty of nature. I often connect more easily to God while surrounded by His creation.