Lake Tahoe Plein Air

When I set up and started I didn't realize I was standing on an ant hill. About an hour into the painting I was stomping around and doing a dance because I had ants in my pants! I put up with it a bit longer so I could finish my painting. I was sure to check my next location really well before starting so I could avoid the repeat ant dance.

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Churning Inspirations

 A few months ago a student told me about Antoine Vollon's Mound of Butter painting. I think this 19th century French Realist must have been way ahead of the 'painting a day' movement. When you see his work you can't help but appreciate the subtle changes of color, controlled brushwork, and interesting subject matter. Stokes so rich it has got to be painted Alla Prima.

In my speed studies class we work on quick impressions. Each week we focus on new topics to broaden our painting scope and help build brush confidence. This week Vollon would have been proud. Part of the speed studies process as an artist is to paint new subjects, becoming familiar with everything. Food was the topic of conversation today and it included a stick of butter and cracked egg. 

Hmmm... can't believe its....

Stick of Butter - Oil on Canvas - 5x7 - ©2014

Stick of Butter - Oil on Canvas - 5x7 - ©2014

How do your want you eggs?

Cracked Open - Oil on Canvas - 6x8 - ©2014

Cracked Open - Oil on Canvas - 6x8 - ©2014

6 Weeks Speed Studies - Sacramento

I'll be teaching a 6 weeks Speed Studies class this fall in Sacramento at Patris Studios and Gallery. Not only will you be pushed by the time constraints, but every week have a new topic to focus on as well. This class will help with speed, accuracy, painting instinctual, confidence, and a myriad of other benefits. Enroll today by calling or emailing me! 415-225-2161 or