Decorate In White

The Farmhouse white washed look has been around for A LONG TIME, but it has shot up in popularity in the past 5-7 years. This style utilizes different hues of white to create a beautiful and peaceful environment. Not positive who started this trend - I tend to give all decorating credit to Chip and Jo. :) But either way, decorating in whites is still the look many try to achieve.


Spring is approaching quickly! It’s time to put away the dark velvety colors of winter and pull out the cheerful spring decor. As your sprucing up your living spaces, be sure to take a peek at the new WHITE inspired pieces VanCannonArt has produced. These pieces have over arching themes of white with snaps of color. It’s the perfect amount to brighten the room and keep the soft quite ambiance.

Stop on over to her Etsy shop to get your beautiful floral pieces for the bedroom and living room. Print the art on canvas and hang above the mantel. Print the Lily on plates and have something unique and special to serve Easter dinner on. Add a throw pillow to your living room decor - the perfect accent. Mother’s day is approaching - be sure to give yourself enough time to purchase and print your gifts!

New Arrivals

New Arrivals to the Etsy Shop. Choose from a variety of designs, color palettes and styles. These digital spring flower art pieces are the perfect way to accent a room. Purchase and download a design you love. Then create the perfect gift for your your friend, Mother, or spouse by printing it on a throw pillow, entry rug, or garden flag. They also make great artwork for an entryway, living room, or bedroom.

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