Towards The Bay

I recently finished this pieces. It was done over the course of a few months since I worked on this piece along with a few others at the same time. 

Towards the Bay - Oil on Canvas - 11x14 - $500 

Towards the Bay - Oil on Canvas - 11x14 - $500 

After living in many different cities throughout my life, San Francisco stands out as unique and vibrant. There is an energy vibrating through the streets and flowing up into the folks walking them. The area that this pieces represents is a scene I walked by daily as I commuted to and from class at AAU. The sun was setting and illuminated the sky with reds, oranges, yellows and blues. 

Enjoying the Paint and Sunshine

Weather has been beckoning me to paint outside for the last month or so in Sacramento. The warm spring temperatures make it perfect for plein air painting. Yesterday I gathered my paint things and soon found myself in front of Tako - Korean BBQ. 


Being in a new city has opened me up to a whole new batch of buildings, people, and sites. Still interested in finding relics of the past, I came to Tako - Korean BBQ, an old gas pump station turned into modern eatery. 

tako 1.jpg

 When an artist only has a few hours to capture a scene, before the light changes, they have to work quickly. This gives the painting a loose and airy quality that most studio paintings don't have. 

Overall it was a wonderful day and the beginning of many more outdoor painting sessions. Not only did I have the sun shining, but an audience as well.