Jan 10 - #2hrchallenge

As I near my due date I have been finalizing baby room stuff. I've had fun decorating, refurnishing furniture, and creating some original artwork for the room. I still have a few art projects to compete and only a few weeks to do them. So for my challenge time today, I dedicated it to working on a new piece for the room. This was really fun play time for me. Since its outside my normal 'oil on canvas' I felt like I was able to tap into a different creative stream. The rules are different and I get to experiment and see what happens. I didn't get anything finished today.... just a lot of planning, cutting, sketching, and mark making. I'll keep you posted on the progress, but here are a few pictures to wet your whistle.

The piece will be a mixed media work. I'll include watercolor, pen and ink and collage elements. The babyroom theme is woodland/nature so I am brainstorming ideas around that. It's fun to personalize art for a specific room. It's made me more intentional about my content.

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