Keep VanCannonArt in mind Holiday 2014

I usually roll my eyes when I see Holiday decor and advertising occurring before Halloween. But as a small business and providing a product that takes sometimes a month or two to create, I wanted to put the bug VanCannonArt bug in your ear early. 


I've got something for everyone. Original Artwork available at Rehfeld's Gallery, Epperson Gallery, Patris Gallery, group shows, and my home studio. I will also be offering small prints (8x10, 9x12, 11x14). You pick your favorite painting to print. Large prints of selected works. Greeting Cards (custom greetings inside) Custom portraits, still life and landscape pieces available - quick service/flexible payment plans. Click Here to see more ideas. 

Small California Scenic

I recently finished a series of small California landscapes. Sizes vary from 5x7-12x16. I painted many plein air (on site) and enjoyed working in a small format. The small format forced me to be bold with my strokes and colors. It's a small surface and every stroke counts. I love working onsite - there is a special energy that can't be replicated in the studio. The wind blowing, the clouds shifting in front of and behind the sun, the birds flying, and possibly raining conditions allows me to see the land in a new way. I am responding to what I see around me and that response and emotion affects the outcome of my paintings. If it was a cool and windy day my strokes may be firmer and bolder. Quiet sunny days may have a calmer and softer approach. I hope you enjoy looking at the work and imagine taking a hike or walk with me through different parts of California scenery.

Works are on display now at Gallery 21Ten - 2110 K St. Sacramento CA - Dec. 4 -28, 2013. Prices range from $150.00-600.00 Please contact Gallery 21Ten : 916.476.5500 - for pricing and inquiries. To see titles and sizes look at my Landscape page under the Gallery Tab on my website.