Sutter Landing

I've had the pleasure of painting plein air numerous times throughout the spring and summer. Many times I'll go out with local Sacramento artist friends to catch some unique spots. Since two rivers run through Sacramento, it only seems fair to paint it. 

Sutter Landing - Oil - 8x10 - $450

Sutter Landing - Oil - 8x10 - $450

A plein air painter really only has a couple hours to capture the scene before the sun changes all the shadows and color. That is one reason why many plein air paintings are smaller in size. This piece is no exception. I painted on an 8x10 panel and completed in about 2 hours. Later I reworked a few areas in the studio. Barricaded by a few rows of trees, Sutter Landing felt like I was in a different city. It was quite and peaceful as geese and ducks accompanied us. 

Sneak Peek at upcoming solo show

I am finishing everything up for December's Solo Show at Gallery 21Ten. Reception - December 14, 4-5:30pm. I will also be present during part of the art walk from 8-9pm. Hope to see you there!

After Crush, Oil on Panel, 8x10 

I love plein air painting! It's great to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, brilliant colors, and in this case, enjoy wine tasting too! My class visited Bogel Winery - Clarksburg CA, this October to practice plein air painting. Bogel's property is peaceful and beautiful with many eye catching views. After looking around I found a spot that captured my interest. The rows of vines receded in the afternoon light while the lights and shadow of the trees in the background, danced in harmonious color.