Lake Tahoe Plein Air

When I set up and started I didn't realize I was standing on an ant hill. About an hour into the painting I was stomping around and doing a dance because I had ants in my pants! I put up with it a bit longer so I could finish my painting. I was sure to check my next location really well before starting so I could avoid the repeat ant dance.

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Watch it Grow

Speed Studies is a great for many reasons! A couple, is testing out new styles (expressive painting) and exploring color. Watch the painting grow in the slideshow below and final product at the bottom!

Here I set up a still life in a analogous color scheme. I picked colors in the red family and then added a few elements of it's opposite, green. This is a great exercise to create mood and harmony in a painting. I kept things very loose until the end. This allowed me to keep edges soft creating a lost and found approach to the edges. Lots of layers of color were added while I shifted colors to create harmony in the piece. 

Mum's The Word - Oil on Canvas- 11x14 - $500.00

Mum's The Word - Oil on Canvas- 11x14 - $500.00