Painting - Pick Up Sticks

I found some photos documenting the stages of my painting Pick Up Sticks. This will give you a good idea of what kind of stages a painting goes through to get to completion. 

Complete - ©2012

Complete - ©2012

Rock and Rod Festival

As an artist painting mid century genre and themes, I am always interested in events that celebrate this time period. One event I found was Monterey Rock and Rod Festival. Hearing that I was an artist working on a series of 1950's paintings, they gave me two tickets for the weekends events. It was a perfect time to get out in the sunshine and enjoy 50's big band music, people, cars, and nostalgia. 
Dancin at the Sock Hop.jpg

Not only did I have a great time looking at the beautiful cars, eating some yummy food and people watching, but I got a lot of amazing photo references to work from. 

Midday Conversing.jpg

I was honored that they chose one of my paintings for this years poster and program. 

Rock and Rod Poster.jpg

This years event will take place May 17-18, 2013 at Monterey Fairgrounds. I am excited to attend again. I think I may even take my paint box and do some plein air painting this year. Check out the event at: I hope to see you there!

The Creative Process

This last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in Sacramento's 2nd Sat. Art Walk. It was a great time with many local supporters coming out and enjoying the art, music, and food. While people streamed in and out of my studio I had the pleasure of walking them through my process. Many artist work differently. Just as a chef has his recipes and order of mixing food to make his own unique creation, artist too, have techniques and different ways to approach the canvas. 

Block in Stage Mother and Child

Block in Stage Mother and Child

Slowly building layers and details

Slowly building layers and details

Generally I start with a line drawing of my subject on the canvas with oil paint. Using a small brush and neutral color paint, I draw the major shapes and observations of the image I am using. This also applies if I am painting from life. Next, I block in the value pattern. After I have the main shapes blocked in, I move around the painting, adding layers and slowly build the details. This process can go on for a long time. Towards the end I slow down and really take time to contemplate the piece. There might only be one or two final strokes, but the placement is crucial to the piece.