Lake Tahoe Plein Air

When I set up and started I didn't realize I was standing on an ant hill. About an hour into the painting I was stomping around and doing a dance because I had ants in my pants! I put up with it a bit longer so I could finish my painting. I was sure to check my next location really well before starting so I could avoid the repeat ant dance.

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A blend of Sonoma and Rembrant

Another artist retreat under the belt. This time Patris, Andy and I went to Winsor, Sonoma, Santa Rosa areas. Its wonderful to find amazing landscapes resting hours away from our homes. Like all our retreats they were packed full of painting days, artist conversation, good food, and inspiration. Keep reading to see some of our views and read my highlights. 

One of the challenges of plein air is finding the "spot" of inspiration. Going on the road to new territory adds to the complications of finding it. Then, just when you think you found it, try making three artist come to the same conclusion. Fortunately for us we were blessed with numerous locations of grandeur and rarely disagreed on spots that inspired.  I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that we painted at a lot of wineries that pride themselves on intriguing architecture and immaculate landscaping. Each winery we stopped at was quite generous to let us stake our claim for a few hours and paint. 

Wineries include: White Oak Winery - Healdsburg, Nicholson Ranch - Sonoma, Zichichi Family Vineyards - Healdsburg, 

Getting Excited For This

Hope you can all make it to my Solo Show - Small California Scenic- December 4-28 , Reception Dec. 14

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