Speed Studies Underway

We're into it now - three weeks down and three to go. My students are working hard and learning a lot! Last week we focussed on out tools and materials. Quick studies encourages growth and familiarity through repetition, students used new brushes and tools to become more comfortable with them. They also painted on new surfaces which included linen, panels, black gesso boards, oil paper, ceramics, glass, and fabric. Not only did the students learn from the process, but from their peers as well. 

Watch it Grow

Speed Studies is a great for many reasons! A couple, is testing out new styles (expressive painting) and exploring color. Watch the painting grow in the slideshow below and final product at the bottom!

Here I set up a still life in a analogous color scheme. I picked colors in the red family and then added a few elements of it's opposite, green. This is a great exercise to create mood and harmony in a painting. I kept things very loose until the end. This allowed me to keep edges soft creating a lost and found approach to the edges. Lots of layers of color were added while I shifted colors to create harmony in the piece. 

Mum's The Word - Oil on Canvas- 11x14 - $500.00

Mum's The Word - Oil on Canvas- 11x14 - $500.00

6 Weeks Speed Studies - Sacramento

I'll be teaching a 6 weeks Speed Studies class this fall in Sacramento at Patris Studios and Gallery. Not only will you be pushed by the time constraints, but every week have a new topic to focus on as well. This class will help with speed, accuracy, painting instinctual, confidence, and a myriad of other benefits. Enroll today by calling or emailing me! 415-225-2161 or vancannonart@gmail.com