Succulent and Cactus Painting, Throw Pillows, And Kitchen Decor

Explore my new series of Succulent and Cactus artwork. I started this series soon after I had my son, Harvey was born and when I still lived in California. It’s taken me two years to develop this body of work! Working at night and during my sons naptime, it was slow going. Add two cross country moves in there, and well - I’m thankful I didn’t give up. Even though it took time to create, I loved the process. My goal with this series was to fully explore the textures and colors I could create while using a palette knife. It was a totally new approach for me and as I scraped away dry paint and added more layers a comfortable rhythm emerged. My bright color palette plays to the bright colors of the Southwest. Almost all these pieces are created on a square pine panel.

My ideas for paintings and designs come from a variety of places. Sometimes I get an idea from my own succulent garden, other times I see something while I am out an about or online. I develop the idea with sketches and start to experiment with color and layers. I keep adding layers of paint until if feels balanced and developed. Further exploring this series, I’ve played around with printing on different materials and household items. I’ve printed on pillows, tea towels, and hot pads. There are so many printing options these days.

I hope you enjoy the succulent and cactus series. Be sure to visit my online Etsy shop to see the full collection and examples of art on walls. Let me know if you have any new ideas for printing. I would love to hear them.