Jan. 23 & 24 - 2 hour challenge

I missed a few days due to some family stuff, but am back on track. Yesterday and today I had a lot of fun spending time in the studio. I started working back into one of my vineyard wine barrel pieces. For this landscape I am using a couple different photo references for the sky and vines, but changing the colors completely. For me having the reference is great for getting the composition and idea down, but why not change up the palette and create more harmony.

I still have a ways to go, but it was a good start - lots of juicy layers of oil.

More progress today. I'll continue to work on this piece the rest of the week along with some Woodland / Forest illustrations.

My art background is full of drawing and design, but it's been a few years since I've focused on my drawings. I started teaching drawing and illustration classes at the Crocker Museum this year and had a bit of a renewed appreciation for it. Teaching these classes on top of planning my babies nursery has got me on a illustration kick. I've been creating Woodland/ Forest Friend drawings and can't seem to stop. I don't know where these will go or for how long I'll create them, but I like that I'm tapping into a different process and creative path than my norm.

Lake Tahoe Plein Air

When I set up and started I didn't realize I was standing on an ant hill. About an hour into the painting I was stomping around and doing a dance because I had ants in my pants! I put up with it a bit longer so I could finish my painting. I was sure to check my next location really well before starting so I could avoid the repeat ant dance.

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Watch it Grow

Speed Studies is a great for many reasons! A couple, is testing out new styles (expressive painting) and exploring color. Watch the painting grow in the slideshow below and final product at the bottom!

Here I set up a still life in a analogous color scheme. I picked colors in the red family and then added a few elements of it's opposite, green. This is a great exercise to create mood and harmony in a painting. I kept things very loose until the end. This allowed me to keep edges soft creating a lost and found approach to the edges. Lots of layers of color were added while I shifted colors to create harmony in the piece. 

Mum's The Word - Oil on Canvas- 11x14 - $500.00

Mum's The Word - Oil on Canvas- 11x14 - $500.00