Spring= en plein air

Sacramento has proved to have some of the best weather year round, in my opinion. Every spring and fall seems to have months of 70 degree weather. Yes - the summers do get hot, but being an Iowa girl, Sacramento's "hot" is really quite nice. With this nice weather rolling in, my Sac friends and I have started to branch out and explore the community with our paints in hand. Just this last week I took my class to a blossoming cherry orchard. We enjoyed an afternoon with bees humming and the scent of floral perfume in the air. 

Earlier that week we painted along the river at William Pond Park. Getting back into the groove of plein air was a bit challenging, but getting to combine two of my favorite things, nature and painting, was spectacular. 

Stay tuned and check back for more of my outdoor painting adventures. There will be many more in the near future.