Jan. 6 - #2hrchallenge

Another day another challenge completed. I get asked a lot - "How do you know when a piece is finished?" This question is hard - How indeed? For me, the answer is usually time. I like to let a painting sit for a few days in a spot I frequent. I get to see it spontaneously as I walk by and can take in my "at a glance" opinions and thoughts. Seeing it in photograph form also helps. For some reason when I look at my painting on a computer screen, its easier for me to see problem areas or spots that need a little more time.

Today I worked at little bit everywhere. Seeing it in photograph form, I am not quite happy with the dock or the back trees. I'll probably start something new tomorrow while I let this one sit and simmer.  #dailypainter #sacto2hrchallenge #2hourchallenge

Jan 5 - #2hrchallenge

Oops! I miss judged my belly as I was reaching up to adjust my studio lamp. I guess its one way to soften edges. :)

Another challenge day completed. It went pretty fast today. Today I worked on the water, trees, clothing and puppy. Lots of layers. Lots of smoothing edges. Still needs more work.

Jan 4 - #2hrchallenge

I had a busier day with a private lessons, lesson planning and a few errands. It was a bit more of a challenge to put myself in the studio when I really wanted to go take a nap! But now that I've been in there painting I feel good and excited about the new one I started.

Boy's Best Friend - Work in Progress - Oil on Canvas #2hrchallenge #sacto2hrchallenge

Boy's Best Friend - Work in Progress - Oil on Canvas #2hrchallenge #sacto2hrchallenge